The foundation of this podcast resides in the talent and dedication of its team. Please meet them!

Adonia LugoDr. Adonia Lugo

Adonia is a cultural anthropologist who studies street life and advocates for racial and cultural inclusion in street policy and planning. She’s been bouncing between Southern California and the Pacific Northwest since 2001, when she moved to Portland to attend Reed College. Adonia blogs at and currently lives in Los Angeles.


Alexis GabrielAlexis Gabriel

Alexis is a Portland, Oregon-based program development, community engagement, and strategic communication specialists. After completing a dual degree at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in marketing (MBA) and sustainable development (MAIEP), she was drawn to Portland for its commitment to all that is sustainability! Excited for opportunities to drive positive change, she volunteers across Portland as a certified Master Recycler, serves on the Vice Co-Chair for the Emerging Leaders Board, and volunteers with Women in Transportation. In her free time, you can find her reading Sci-Fi, jamming to an array of music (lots of K-pop), or biking/hiking somewhere awesome. She believes that sharing stories can save the world. Find her on Twitter @KarmaKapitalist.


Heidi GueninHeidi Guenin

Heidi is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Transportation Council. She works to build better policies and projects at the intersection of transportation, land use, social justice, and public health. When she takes a break from that, you can probably find her playing with yarn, food, friends, and bikes.


Joy Alise DavisJoy Alise Davis, MA  

Joy is a collaborative design strategist and interdisciplinary social practitioner. She works to radically transforming vulnerable communities through social sustainability, civic engagement, and inclusionary collaborative design strategies. Joy is a Cincinnati native and graduate of Miami University and the Parsons The New School of Design. After completing her studies at Parsons The New School of Design, Joy founded Design+Culture Lab, LLC. Design+Culture Lab, is a research-driven urban social enterprise dedicated to the positive transformation of urban neighborhoods through collaborative design strategies that address the complex spatial issues associated with cultural, racial, and ethnic inequality.


Justin BuriJustin Buri

Justin was the Executive Director of Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT). He joined staff in November 2011, as Deputy Director. Justin became involved with CAT as a volunteer on the Renters’ Rights Hotline and, as a member of the Board of Directors, became deeply engaged in their Housing Justice Program. He dedicated himself to support safe, stable and affordable housing in Oregon.


Leslie LumLeslie Lum

Leslie is the Co-Chair of the Jade District’s Policy & Equity Subcommittee.



Luann AlgosoLuann Algoso

Luann is a Portland, Oregon-based writer, blogger, activist, and strategic communications specialist. She is a born and raised Southern Californian and migrated to Portland in 2010. She earned her undergraduate studies degree in Women and Gender Studies in 2012 and recently completed a Master of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution, both at Portland State University. Luann organizes with artists of color, runs the feminist/Asian American-issue interest blog, Brown Girl: (De)Colonized, and volunteers with arts and philanthropy organizations in Portland.


Mychal TettehMychal Tetteh

Mychal is former CEO of the Community Cycling Center. He was responsible for the stewardship of the organization’s mission and the successful implementation of their vision. In his spare time, Mychal enjoys riding bikes up Mt. Tabor, backpacking, listening to podcasts, and sailing.


RouthStephSteph Routh

Steph is the Communications & Marketing Manager at the Community Cycling Center. Before joining the Cycling Center, she served as Executive Director of Oregon Walks for five years and Content Manager for the Nonprofit Technology Network. She came to nonprofit work through the side door, after studying classical music performance, working in an Alaskan fish cannery, and teaching theater and creative writing in NYC and Thailand, among other pursuits. She volunteers with the Jade District and is grateful to be part of this team. Steph is married to her bicycle and an aunt of two.


Vivian SatterfieldVivian Satterfield

Vivian was born and raised in Chicago and moved sight unseen to Portland in 2008 with a mix of naivete and youthful optimism, and immediately found meaningful work at a local community development nonprofit creating affordable housing. Vivian believes in the power of community, the effectiveness of collective action and the therapeutic benefits of a long bike ride. She is currently the Deputy Director at OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon.


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