Two Spirit Movement and Environmental Protection

What does it mean to be Two Spirit, and what has the Two Spirit movement’s role been in protection of basic rights. We spoke with Candi Brings Plenty and Court Morse about their path, which led them to Standing Rock as water protectors.

Candi Brings PlentyCandi Brings Plenty, Oglala Lakota Sioux is a National Queer Cysgender Indiginous Woman and has worked for over two decades for not just Indigenous people, but for everyone in community to receive medicine. Candi is completing her Masters in Public Health Administration, and has a graduate certificate in Non Profit management. On levels related to gender, race, sexual orientation, and economic background, she is unmatched in her passion and strength to push every issue forward. Candi brings Plenty is a single mother of two beautiful daughters, an educator and community health worker, and spiritual practitioner.



Court Morse has over ten years of organizing and community action experience. Court grew up in Wisconsin and came out to Oregon to attend Portland State University. There she worked with the Oregon Student Association as student body president. She has had the opportunity since to run numerous political and human rights campaigns focusing on the environment, higher education, racial and LGBT justice, and immigrant/refugee rights, primarily in Oregon. Court is enrolled with the Sault Ste. Marie tribe of Chippewa Indians, Ojibwe, Anishinaabe and goes by she or they pronouns. She attended Oceti Sakowin on four occasions with the last trip a permanent move to camp prior to eviction. She toured with the Two Spirit Nation to tell the story of Standing Rock and to support other Two-Spirit Queer Indigenous warriors, elders and youth in their work. She’s proud to stand by Candi as her close friend and support her vision for our people.

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