Episode 7: Blindness in the Built Environment


Jim Jackson getting on a busIn 2012, members of Portland’s local National Federation of the Blind Chapter organized an event called, “It’s Not Scary to Be Blind: Walk With Me!” as part of Walktober. Folks during this event talked about aspects of our transportation environment that are both helpful and possibly not so helpful for the blind and low vision.

For this episode of “Why Isn’t Anyone…?” we were lucky to have a few active members of the Portland Central Chapter of National Federation of the Blind to talk about blindness in the built environment: Jim Jackson is Co-founder of the Portland Central Chapter of National Federation of the Blind; Trevor Attenberg is the chapter’s Treasurer; and Nik Petersson is Senior Accessibility Consultant with Miles Access Skills Training, LLC. TheNational Federation of the Blind is the organization that believes in the full capacity of blind people, and has the power, influence, diversity, and determination to help transform their dreams into reality.

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