Episode 6: What Is Equity Pt. 2


Photo credit: Simon Cunningham

Photo credit: Simon Cunningham

“What Is Equity?” Everyone uses this word. What does it mean, how is it used, and where should we be going with it? This is such a big word that we will be exploring this as a special two-parter series. Here we have Part 2.

In the studio for this episode, we have four of the 10-person team at Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About This—Adonia Lugo, Alexis Gabriel, Joy Davis and Steph Routh.

Roll credits:

Today’s show was produced by the whole Team; edited by Eric Klein, and hosted by Adonia, Alexis, Joy, and Steph. Music is by Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet. You can find us on our Facebook page and on Twitter @whyisntanyone.

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