Episode 3: What Is Creative Placemaking?

The methods of placemaking aren’t new, but its popularity with non-profit funders is. What is the goal of placemaking? As neighborhoods at risk of gentrification and displacement become home to placemaking projects, will they be around long enough to reap the benefits?

Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About This?  hosts Alexis Gabriel and Heidi Guenin spoke with Luann Algoso, a Portland, Oregon-based writer, blogger, activist, and strategic communications specialist, and Jamaal Green, PhD student in the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning. You can find Luann (and her corgi, Atticus) on Twitter @Luann_Algoso and on her blog, Brown Girl: Decolonized; and Jamaal Green on Twitter @surlyurbanist and on his blog, Surly Urbanism.

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