Episode 1: #RenterSOS

On September 15, 2015, the Community Alliance of Tenants— Oregon’s statewide tenant rights association—declared a Renter State of Emergency. How can Portland remain home to the people who live here, and what does the future look like?

logo-500Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About This host Mychal Tetteh—joined by fellow hosts Alexis Gabriel and (myself) —spoke with Justin Buri, the Executive Director of the Community Alliance of Tenants.

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EP 001 was produced by Eric Klein and Mychal Tetteh; edited by Eric Klein, and hosted by Mychal Tetteh, Alexis Gabriel, and Steph Routh. Intro music is by Nick Humphrey, outro music by Bluebird Entertainment. You can find us on our Facebook page and on Twitter @whyisntanyone. We are a project of Umbrella, a Portland-based nonprofit that encourages community-based street culture.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 1: #RenterSOS

  1. constance kosuda

    as far as I can tell, it is as a result of the compassion free society in which we live / the folks in positions of power could simply care less / it is not a blip on their radar / they are making too much money, are too smugly convinced that they are doing the right thing / and the plight of the less fortunate is uncomfortable, and unsettling . it rocks the boat, and believe me, the boat needs to be rocked. please look at Washington County as a classic example of ignorant and self-satisfied elitism / the rent crisis here is staggering.

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